Washington D.C. Forecast: Flash Flood Watch Tuesday evening

    Tonight:Areas of light{}rain, cool and breezy Lows: 40s to Near 50 Precipitation: 100% Tuesday:Areas of Rain, Cool and Breezy Highs: Upper 50s Precipitation: 100% Wednesday:Showers and Storms, Heavy at Times Highs: Near 70 Precipitation: 100%

    A FLASH FLOOD WATCH is in effect from late Tuesday night through 6 am Wednesday morning. A FLOOD WATCH is in effect from 8 pm Wednesday evening through 8 pm Thursday evening.

    Flash Flood Watch

    A large and powerful low pressure system is located over western Iowa and it will affect our weather until a cold front crosses the region on Thursday. This system has contributed to multiple tornado outbreaks and torrential downpours. And as it moves slowly it will contribute to excessive rain fall, especially in the areas near the warm front that extends well eastward from the circulation center.

    The bottom line for our area is the likelihood of excessive rainfall over the next 72 hours. That is why back to back flood watches have been posted across the entire area. We do not expect 72 continuous hours of rain. But we do expect periods of rain during that period and the rain will be heavy at times. Any individual thunderstorms that develop will exacerbate the flood potential. It is impossible to predict specific locations that will have the heaviest composite rainfall from this event because that will be dependent on the location of future thunderstorms. It is safe to say, by the time the cold front clears our area on Thursday, 72 hour rainfall totals could range from 3 to 5 inches. There is potential for serious flooding of streams, creeks and low lying areas.

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