Windy & Soggy Start to Monday

1008 Nate Track late.jpg

Nate is now officially a tropical depression and the hurricane center has issued its last advisory on the storm. Still, as it races northeastward it will bring gusty winds and rain to many areas in the eastern U.S.

While the center of the storm will stay west of the Appalachians, wind gusts will be fairly strong Monday morning. The strongest wind gusts will be realized at the higher elevations. The National Weather Service continues to monitor if a Wind Advisory is necessary. Wind gusts around Washington, D.C. will top out near 30 mph around mid-morning. Winds will be stronger the farther northwest you live, closer to the center of the depression.

Rain totals are not expected to be too high in our area. Most areas won't see more than 1" as the storm system moves by. If you're off Columbus Day, it will be a nice soggy morning for sleeping in! If you have to work, budget some extra time. Between the wind and the rain, it will likely be a slow go.

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