Waterspout Saturday on Chesapeake Bay

(Courtesy: Chris Brandt)

While most of the area had a beautiful, summery Saturday, there was one small group of showers that formed in Anne Arundel County that moved southeast across the Chesapeake Bay. These showers produced a waterspout and put on quite a show! Will Maher shot this video:

Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes that occur over the water, but most of the time they don't form under supercell thunderstorms (rotating thunderstorm) like typical tornadoes do over land. These relatively robust showers today didn't even have lightning at the time this waterspout was produced. Chris Brandt captured this photo:

Here's a loop of the radar at the time the waterspout was produced. It really doesn't look all that impressive!

This sort of benign radar loop is often the case when waterspouts do develop. However, as the waterspout made landfall, a tornado warning was issued for Kent, Queen Anne, and Talbot Counties in Maryland.

Numerous people watched on the beach from Sandy Point Park as the storm traveled just north of the Bay Bridge.

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