Spring-like Friday then winter roars back for weekend

Thursday the D.C. area topped out in the low 60s and Friday will likely be in the mid to upper 60s! Unfortunately, this jump ahead to spring is very short lived!

This cold front on the way is really packing a punch. It is going to take our well above average temperatures and send us tumbling well below by Saturday. Look at how sharp the temperature gradient was today in the Midwest. This is heading our way for Friday night.

As the cold front gets closer, we can expect on-and-off rain and some of it will be heavy. Models suggest rain totals anywhere from .50" - 1.50" across the area. The heaviest should be here for the first half of Friday, followed by a drier (and mild) late afternoon and early evening. Heavy rain again will likely push through Friday night.

As the rain wraps up, that's when the cold air really pushes in. It won't just be cold however, it's going to be rather blustery on Saturday as well.

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