Soggy Start to the Work Week

0423 weather image.jpg

Sunday turned out nicer than expected, but I'm afraid that's not in the cards for Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully you're in the mood for some cloudy, cooler, and rainy weather, then you won't be disappointed! This system is essentially a nor'easter, just not the wintry type with freezing temperatures we often think of. This area of low pressure is stacked from the upper atmosphere to the surface and moving very slowly. It sends rain our way starting Sunday night and the chance for showers will continue through to Wednesday morning.

While we could see some breaks in the rain, they are rather difficult to pin down precisely. In general steadier showers will be the rule, so I'd keep the umbrella handy throughout the day Monday. More than likely you're dealing with some rain getting the kids off to the bus stop. Your commute will likely take a bit longer than normal too.

Rain is very likely again heading through Tuesday. Wednesday will be our day of transition. A few morning showers are possible early and clouds will be the rule until the afternoon. As our coastal low finally moves on, conditions improve dramatically. We will be warming heading into the afternoon but that is just the beginning of the warmth! Temperatures head into the mid to upper 80s Thursday through Sunday. With the extra warmth, though, a few thunderstorm chances sneak back into the forecast. Right now, most likely days appear to be Friday and Sunday.

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