Quickly intensifying storm system bringing heavy rain and wind Sunday

Quickly intensifying storm system bringing heavy rain and wind Sunday. (ABC7)

The rain and wind in store for Sunday will cause a real weather whiplash after our beautiful Saturday. Get ready for a much cooler second-half of the weekend as well.

The rain is slow to get here, but once it does, it will stick around until Monday morning.

Not only is the cold front coming through slowly, but a very strong wave of low pressure is also expected to develop along the front. This will intensify the rain and especially the wind.

Temperatures will actually drop throughout the day, Sunday. We'll start relatively mild and then really feel the chill by Sunday evening.

Some of the strongest wind gusts will blow through the area early Monday morning as the storm system is pulling northeast and continuing to strengthen. Wind Advisories are likely for a good portion of the area Sunday night into Monday morning.

When it's all said and done this rain will take a decent bite out of our recent rainfall deficit. Some areas could see more than 4" of rain! Still, we will likely be behind for the fall.

The severe storm threat is low, but not zero. Instability will be limited for most of the area, but there may be enough energy pent up in Southern Maryland and east of the Bay for a few severe storms. Given the setup, a tornado is not out of the question as storms develop Sunday morning. It will be important to stay weather aware in these areas specifically.

To track the heaviest rain and the threat of any severe weather, be sure to download the StormWatch7 Weather App!

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