Potential for more snow (twice) later this week

    Early Look Weekend Storm System

    I hope you're not tired of the wintry weather yet, we may have two more rounds move through by the time we get to next week!

    We have a chance for a light wintry mix Thursday evening/overnight. Then, we have another chance for a much larger and more powerful storm system over the weekend.

    Thursday Wintry Mix Chance

    These are both likely to bring a combination of rain, snow, and maybe even ice to the DMV, not all snow to our area, like this past weekend.

    In fact, both of these systems come along with a surge of warmer air wrapped inside. This increases the likelihood for cold rain and less snow.

    This past weekend's record breaking snow rode into our area and met up with cold air that was already in place. This time around, the cold air will be plunging in on the backside of the storm system. It's going to have to "catch up" with the precipitation.

    Early Look Weekend Storm System

    There is plenty of of uncertainty with the weekend storm in particular. The energy for it is still in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We won't even be able to track the low in the U.S. until Thursday or Friday of this week.

    With that being said, it is important for us to alert you to the possibility that the weather will most likely impact your Saturday night and Sunday plans. Stay with #StormWatch7 for updates as the week continues.

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