Another chance for snow around D.C.

0305 RPM Lunchtime Tuesday.jpg

Another system racing across the country brings a chance for a few snowflakes back to the DMV. This one won't amount to much for D.C., but many other areas could be in for big snow along the east coast.

Fortunately, the timing doesn't look to slow down your Tuesday morning commute:

As we get closer to lunchtime, temperatures will be warming into the upper 30s and low 40s. As the rain and snow mix moves our way. It won't last long and it is going to be melting pretty quickly. Either way, it might be worth keeping the umbrella handy for Tuesday.

As the energy from our quick rain/snow showers Tuesday moves over the coast, this storm system really starts to ramp up. It will be wrapping colder air in on itself and sending it as far south as Baltimore. In turn, it will bring wind and snow to many areas from Northeast Maryland through Maine.

This shows how the storm will likely play out and where it could bring some big snow. On Wednesday, parts of our area north of I-70 could see some accumulating snow. Closer to D.C., accumulation will be minimal and if it does stick it will most likely be on the grass.

The National Weather Service is anticipating more than a foot of snow in areas from New Jersey up into Maine.

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