Officially Irma: Busy in the Tropics

0830 Irma Formation.jpg


As Harvey makes landfall again this morning, Tropical Storm Irma officially develops near the Cape Verde Islands:

Right now it is moving West Northwest between 10-15 mph. It's important to realize this is still really far away. If it maintained that speed it would still be more than five days before it reaches the Lesser Antilles.

Model guidance agrees on the continued westward path for about the next five days. After that the European model and the American model start to diverge. It's important to remember that at this time frame, these tracks and guidance will most certainly change. Having said that, this one looks like a storm that many coastal areas should keep a close eye on.

Harvey will continue to impact areas farther inland over the next few days. The heaviest rains will fall into western Tennessee and Kentucky. It will bring some wet weather for the beginning of the Labor Day Weekend. Fortunately it will be move much more quickly as it moves inland limiting the chance for widespread major flooding.

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