Last minute ways to view the eclipse in the DC area

Partial Eclipse times in the DC area

Hanging around D.C. for the eclipse Monday? There are several ways you can safely view it, whether from the comfort of your home, outside or around the city.

First and foremost, we want you to know that we will be covering the entire event across the country live at 12:30pm Monday on NewsChannel8. We’ll have reporters across the country covering the event from Oregon to South Carolina.

If you are around D.C., remember we are only in a partial eclipse with around 80% of the disk of the sun covered by the moon in our region. If you didn’t happen to know an eclipse was happening, you probably wouldn’t even notice.

Even with a partial eclipse, you can still view it safely in a couple of ways. You still have a couple days to pick up solar glasses, make a pinhole projector or find an event that is going on across the city.

If you happen to see this article Monday, you can always rush to the kitchen for a colander, make a lattice with your fingers or find a nearby tree and check out the shadows on the ground.

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