Hurricane Gert: 2nd Hurricane of Atlantic Season

0814 Gert.JPG

The Atlantic officially has it’s 2nd hurricane of the season!

Gert is now clocking sustained max winds of 75 mph, enough to categorize it has a CAT1 Storm.

Even though the storm is intensifying faster than originally forecast by the National Hurricane Center, the track has remained relatively constant.

The latest track continues to weave Gert in between the East Coast of the U.S. and Bermuda. The hurricane is now forecast to reach CAT2 strength with winds topping out at 105 mph by Wednesday.

For potential landfalling impacts, the storm system to watch more closely is still just coming off the western coast of Africa. That disturbance will be worth keeping an eye on as it develops over the next two weeks. Models don't have a great handle on where it will go, but they all trend westward with continued organization. The Hurricane Center has given it a 60 percent chance for formation over the next five days.

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