Hurricane Chris forms in the Atlantic, dangerous rip currents possible for the beaches

Hurricane Chris (GOES16)

Chris is now a hurricane in the Atlantic about 200 miles off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Chris developed a symmetric eye about 20 nautical miles across this afternoon and the Hurricane Hunters found winds up to 85 mph near the eyewall.

Chris is the 2nd hurricane this season, which is the 4th earliest time on record this has occurred and six weeks earlier than climatology. This doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a busier than normal season but always a reminder that all you need is one storm for it to become a “bad” season.

Chris will continue to generate swells which will make for high surf and dangerous rip currents at the area beaches from the Carolinas and north through the Mid Atlantic. Keep this in mind if you are headed to the beach this week or into the weekend.

In case you encounter a rip current, here are tips on what you should do. And please be sure to ask the lifeguard if you have any questions or concerns before entering the water.

- Relax, stay calm and float to conserve energy

- Do NOT try to swim directly to the shore

- Swim parallel to the shoreline until you escape the currents pull

- If you feel you can’t reach the shore, face the shore and call or wave for help

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