Heavy rain, strong winds expected with Monday night's line of storms

Heavy rain and strong winds with Monday night's line of storms (File Image)

Heavy rain and even a few thunderstorms will move through Monday night. Some damaging wind gusts aren't out of the question as the squall line moves through.

The timing works out well to keep most of the area dry through commute time and early Monday evening, but this line of wet weather will likely be heard overnight.

The winds could be rather strong in some of these downpours. The strongest winds will pick up early to the west and move through the Metro around 2 a.m.

While most of us won't' see damage from the winds, isolated issues are not out of the question. It's a good idea to secure loose Halloween decorations with gusts like this in the forecast.

While severe weather is not out of the question around the DMV, there is a much higher likelihood farther south, in the Carolinas. A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect there until 9 p.m.

Rain totals won't be all that impressive, but at this point, we will take what we can get!

Below you can see how much rain we've missed out on this fall, compared to normal.

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