HEAT WAVE: Mid 90s return to the DC area this week

Heat Wave this week

The hazy, hot and humid weather will return this week with temperatures in the mid 90s expected over the next three days. When combined with the dewpoint temperatures around 70 it will feel more like 100 degrees or even higher at times each afternoon.

As in every heat wave, this is the time for a quick reminder to try your best to stay indoors in an air conditioned room. Remember to check on friends and relatives, especially the elderly and infants as they are more susceptible to heat illness, and don’t forget about your pets!

Taking a look at 2016, there were 58 days at 90 degrees or higher. By this time last year we had experienced 10 days, while we are already at 17 days so far this year. Does that mean we’ll end up with more 90 degree days this year? Not necessarily.

July 2016 was an exceptionally hot one, with the final 18 of 19 days on the month at 90 degrees or higher. That stretch included 9 days that reached 95 or higher with the hottest day reaching 100 degrees on the 25th.

The month of July has the highest average number of 90 degree days in DC which is around 14 days. The average number of 90 degree days each year for DC is 36. While we’re off to a hot start, at least so far the number of days in the mid 90s has been limited to 2. Unfortunately this number is sure to climb this week.

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