6am Update - Heaviest snow will fall over the next 6 hours

    Snow forecast map

    This winter storm has already dropped up to 5 inches of snow across parts of the Metro area with more on the way. The heaviest snow will fall this morning from around 6am to Noon as the low begins to transfer it's energy to the coast. Additional snowfall will be likely throughout the day, with upwards of 2-5 inches for the Metro and 4 to 7 inches just south of town. This leads to totals in the 6-8"+ range for the Metro and 8-10"+ for regions just south of town.

    Snow totals so far as of 5 a.m.

    A wintry mix has been noted across extreme southern St. Mary's County this morning and just south of Spotsylvania, so the mix line may make a brief brush along the farther southern zones of our viewing area.

    Wintry mix south and east of DC through extreme southern St. Mary's County

    Snow should continue to fall moderately through the afternoon as the upper-level low continues to slide through the Mid Atlantic. Snow should come to an end this afternoon and evening from west to east. We're thinking closer to 5pm in the Metro and 8 p.m. closer to the Bay.

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