Memorial Day Weekend East Coast Beach and Local Forecasts!

With more people traveling this Memorial Day than in previous years, the thought is that everybody is headed to the beaches with the first weekend of summer quickly approaching. If you are not already planning to travel, once you get wind of this forecast for our area beaches-you just might change your mind! All in all it will be a great weekend. There could be a few passing light showers Friday and into Saturday as an upper level disturbance floats around but high pressure will dominate. Humidity will creep up gradually for all locations by Sunday afternoon and into the daytime hours on Memorial Day. The UV index will be high to very high all along the east coast so please use skin protection (SPF 30+ suggested as well as a hat and sunglasses)—especially between the hours of 10a.m. and 4p.m.)

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Ocean City and Delaware Beaches (including Rehobeth, Dewey, Bethany, Fenwick Island.

*Water Temperature: Around 60*

Friday: There will be sunshine around with a few afternoon clouds. Not too bad traveling weather. A very slight chance of a passing shower Friday afternoon into the nighttime hours, but it will be light precip if any. Daytime highs = Lower 70s. Overnight lows = Mid to Upper 50s. Winds = West 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:44am, Sunset: 8:10pm

Saturday: Sunshine continues for much of the day with just a few clouds around. If you are headed out early in the morning, there could be a little bit of a breeze. Yet another chance of a very isolated light passing shower in the afternoon hours. Day time highs = lower to mid-70s with little humidity. Overnight lows = Mid to Upper 50s. Winds = Northwest 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:43am. Sunset; 8:11pm.

Sunday: Expect mainly sunshine on Sunday as temperatures and humidity levels creep up a notch. A beautiful and dry day! Daytime highs = Mid 70s. Overnight lows = Mid to Upper 50s. Sunrise: 5:43am. Sunset: 8:12pm.

Memorial Day: Beautiful! There will be plenty of sunshine around the region with just a touch of humidity. Daytime Highs = Mid to Upper 70s. Winds: SW 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:42am.

Virginia Beach, VA including Sandbridge and local area beaches

*Water Temperature: Lower to Mid 60s*

Friday: Sunshine! Great day at the beach but lather on that sunscreen! Daytime highs: Mid 70s. Overnight lows: Around 60. Winds: Breezy in the morning, NW 5-10 in the afternoon. Sunrise: 5:52am. Sunset: 8:10PM

Saturday: Another great day out there with plenty of sunshine. There will be perhaps a few clouds here and there. Beautiful! Daytime highs: Lower to mid-70s. Overnight lows: Lower 60s. Winds: NW 10-15 mph, decreasing through the afternoon hours. Sunrise: 5:51am. Sunset: 8:11PM.

Sunday: Another day with all sunshine and no threat of rain. Expect a very nice with a touch more of humidity around. Daytime highs: Mid 70s. Overnight lows: Lower to Mid-60s. Sunrise: 5:51am. Sunset: 8:12pm.

Memorial Day: Beautiful with continued sunshine. Slightly warmer conditions. Daytime Highs: Nearing 80. Winds: S 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:50am.

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Outer Banks, NC and local area beaches

*Water Temperature: Mid to Upper 60s*

Friday: Evening isolated sprinkle possible otherwise looking at a mix of sun and clouds! Daytime High: Low to Mid 70s. Overnight lows: Mid 60s. NW 10-15 mph decreasing. Sunrise: 5:52am. Sunset: 8:07PM

Saturday: Besides very few clouds, mostly sunshine for your Saturday. Humidity will be on the rise. Daytime Highs: Lower 70s. Overnight Lows: Lower to Mid-60s. Winds: N 5-10 mph Sunrise: 5:52am. Sunset: 8:07pm.

Sunday: Another near perfect day with plenty of sunshine to go around. Daytime Highs: Lower to Mid-70s. Overnight Lows: Mid 60s. Sunrise: 5:51am. Sunset: 8:08pm.

Memorial Day: Still gorgeous and warming with sunshine. Daytime Highs: Mid 70s. Winds: SW 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:50am.

And for those people headed out to the Eastern Shore, the forecast is looking great as well with water temperatures in the mid to upper 60s!

But if you like me and staying around the D.C. region, you still get a good chance to enjoy some swim time as well as some backyard BBQ’s in celebration of Memorial Day.

Washington D.C. and the WJLA viewing area.

Friday: A passing shower possible, mainly in the evening hours, but temperatures will move nicely into the mid-70s. Plenty of sunshine around! Overnight lows fall to the mid to upper 50s. Winds: NW 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:50am. Sunset: 8:20PM

Saturday: A few clouds but still expecting sunshine on Saturday. Temperatures stay in the mid-70s with a chance of some isolated sprinkles. Overnight lows fall into the mid-50s. Winds: N 5-10 mph. Sunrise: 5:50am. Sunset: 8:20pm.

Sunday: Another beautiful day in the region and slightly warmer! Expect full sunshine with a little bit more humidity around. Daytime Highs: mid to upper 70s. Overnight lows: Mid 50s. Sunrise: 5:49am. Sunset: 8:21PM

Memorial Day: Just a few clouds around for your Memorial Day but still nice and warm with increased humidity!. Daytime highs: Lower to Mid 80s. Winds: Light. Sunrise: 5:48am.

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