D.C. weather: A hot week ahead

Sweltering summer heat is kicking in!

Washington D.C. is getting its first heat wave of the season, which means it'll be six straight days where it’s likely to feel hotter than 100 degrees.

Roofers at a South Arlington house are wiping their brows as they endure these extreme temperatures, as the home's owner worries about their well-being.

“I'm always concerned about people getting dizzy and possibly falling off the roof on my property, so I'm giving them waters chilled and hoping nothing happens,” the homeowner said.

John Lis came out early to mow his lawn, anticipating that the heat later today could be a challenge.

“Gonna be coaching a youth baseball game tonight, and we're already asked all the parents make sure the kids have water bottles and sports drinks," he said.

On Rhode Island Avenue in NW Washington, two-way street vendors hope to sell five cases of water today and sell even more later this week. Meanwhile on the National Mall, tourists are carrying their own supply to stay hydrated.

Working as a pedicab driver also means being prepared and knowing just how to manage the extreme heat. One said: "Definitely have to be concerned about it....Drink a lot of water, try to get in the shade, wear a nice hat like this.

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