A Tale of Two Marches

It doesn’t take an advanced science degree to know that it has been a cold month! In fact when you look at the first three weeks of March we are averaging 51.7° which is well below the seasonable average of 57°! Even the National Cherry Blossoms are balking at the chill and have decided to delay their floret elongation by a week! (See the latest blossom information here.)

So why does it feel off to so many of us? Just one year ago we had an extremely warm March. In fact, the warmest on record and by this point last March we had already had SIX 70 degree days and THREE 80 degree days! Wow! So unlike this year we were running nearly 10 degrees above the seasonal norm and I am pretty sure us weather folks were not hearing too many complaints!

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It’s not that we had a long or harsh winter, but honestly this spring (no matter how you characterize it: solar, astronomical or meteorological) has been a letdown.

We have had more snow opportunities late in the season and the temperatures feel like they are headed in the wrong direction.

Today for example, will feature temperatures near 40 degrees and wind chills in the 30s – yes 30s! The end of the week and start of the weekend will see a minor rise is temperatures, but still barely make it to 50 degrees. This pattern will continue well into next week, if not even longer. Plus, computer models are persistently simulating the development of an east coast storm on Monday…maybe a repeat of this past Monday.

In summation I would like to take a line from the late, great Bob Hope: Thanks for the Memories March 2012!

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