New York Avenue Metro station renamed NoMa-Gallaudet U.

The signs still include references to the old New York Avenue name.

The New York Avenue Metro station is getting a new name effective Wednesday. The Red Line station in Northeast D.C. is now known as NoMa-Gallaudet U.

According to the Washington Post, the name refers to a part of the District roughly north of Massachusetts Avenue to R Street and between First Street NW and Fourth Street NE.

Signs at the station, as well as on trains, have already been changed to reflect the renaming.

Don't worry if the new name slips your mind right now, though. The name "New York Ave" will be shown as a secondary name for the next year to help riders get use to the change.

The station, which has been open since 2004, serves more than 7,400 riders each weekday.

The{ }NoMa-Gallaudet U is just one of{ }several name changes the Metro board approved for more than half a dozen stations. The other name changes include:{ }

- Navy Yard became Navy Yard-Ballpark.

- King Street became King St-Old Town.

- Waterfront-SEU dropped SEU, because the university no longer exists.{ }

All of the changes will debuted on{ }the June 2012 map, which includes primary and secondary names for stations with longer names.

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