Marion Barry: 'When you live in the ghetto, this stuff happens'

Marion Barry, our city's former mayor and current council member, drove to the Wilson Building this morning in a car that was literally falling apart. He says it was a hit and run. "When you live in the ghetto, this stuff happens," Barry apparently told reporters on the scene, requesting that they, as the Post's Tim Craig tweeted, "just ignore he drove a heavily damaged car down street."

See multiple photos of the incident from Craig, on the scene now and tweeting out photos of the surreal moment.

We've got a close-up of Barry's car here, showing the bumper straight-up falling off. Here's a rather sad shot of Barry trying to reattach the bumper. Here's Barry driving the car down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Craig says the car also seemed keyed and heavily vandalized — showing signs of more damage than a{ } hit and run would suggest. Who knows. But what a city we live in, right? How weird does all that sound. Poor guy. Let's hope he fixes his car soon.

Photos after the jump:

       (Photo: yfrog/Tim Craig)        (Photo: yfrog/Tim Craig)        (Photo: yfrog/Tim Craig)
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