Redskins players critique (make fun of) their Coach's so-called 'push-ups'

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden does push-ups at practice (ABC7)

For some reason, Jay Gruden decided it was time for an impromptu workout.

"I just try to get a little exercise every now and then outside."

The Redskins head coach dropped to the turf a few minutes into practice Wednesday, and did some push-ups.

"It's a beautiful day," said Gruden when pressed after practice about his push-up bit. "[The team] got a lot of work in. Thought I might get some myself."

At first blush, I thought Gruden fared pretty well (at least he didn't pass out.) But perhaps I was wrong.

Upon further review, Gruden's push-ups were probably not so impressive after all.

Please watch the video above as Erin Hawksworth asked some of the Redskins players to critique their Coach's push-up bit.

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