DAYBREAK DAILY: It's a new day for the Washington Redskins

ABC7 WEATHER: Mostly cloudy with highs in the low 40s as wind diminishes.


TICK TOCK: Of budget talkzzzz, per the Washington Post, “Vice President Joseph Biden and Sen. Mitch McConnell were locked in urgent talks late Sunday over the “fiscal cliff” after Democrats offered several significant concessions on taxes, including a proposal to raise rates only on earnings over $450,000 a year. With a New Year’s Eve deadline hours away, Democrats abandoned their earlier demand to raise tax rates on household income over $250,000 a year, as President Obama vowed during the recent presidential campaign.”

ALFRED MORRIS: Perhaps you’ve heard of him, per the Post’s Tom Boswell, “. . . In his whole Hall of Fame career, John Riggins never rushed for as much yardage in any game as Morris did on Sunday night in Washington’s 28-18 NFC East-clinching victory over the Dallas Cowboys — 200 brutally rugged yards on 33 carries, with three scores. Perhaps no running back could offer a more stunning contrast in personality to the flamboyant Riggins and Clinton Portis than the modest Morris, who is a kindred spirit to humble, tumbling, clawing Larry Brown, the supposedly undersize runner who led the Redskins to a Super Bowl 40 years ago.”

TONY ROMO: Not a great day at the office, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Randy Galloway, “Bring it on. Bring on the Romo hate. But that's what Tony does. That's what Tony did again Sunday night. He brings down the hate on himself. Let another season end for the Dallas Cowboys. Also let another loud round of Romo howls begin after a win-to-get-in situation came to a disastrous conclusion on a cold evening down the road from old D.C.”

REMEMBER WHEN?: Ah, 3-6, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Paul Woody, “. . . The Redskins’ chances of making the playoffs were as remote as the backwoods of West Virginia, a hideaway in the mountains of Montana and as the chances of finding fresh, off-the-boat seafood in the heart of North Dakota. And yet, here are the Redskins, champions of the NFC East and playoff bound with a 10-6 record. The game that sealed the deal came Sunday night against Dallas. For the Redskins’ fans, it was a perfect storm.”

ROB JACKSON: Of an unlikely hero, per the Washington Times’ Dan Daly, “Not until Rob Jackson wrapped his hands around another Tony Romo “oops” Sunday night could Washington Redskins fans begin to savor the moment. This was with three minutes left and the home team trying to protect a teetering 21-18 lead. Thirty years earlier, in an NFC title game at RFK Stadium, it was another secondary figure, defensive tackle Darryl Grant, who had launched a Redskins era with a clinching interception against the Dallas Cowboys. The honors on this occasion went to Jackson, the Linebacker Who Replaced Brian Orakpo. Somehow, it seemed right.”

COMING SOON: As in next weekend, per the Seattle Times, “Washington and Seattle carry the two longest winning streaks in the NFC into the playoffs, and each has a running back who exceeded 1,500 yards rushing this season. But that's not the reason their playoff game will be spotlighted Sunday. RG3 vs. R-Dub 3.”

POLITICO PLAY: “House Republican leaders faced bipartisan criticism Sunday for proposing just 30 day patches to forestall the threatened spike in milk prices next month — with senior lawmakers mocking the approach as a “poor joke on farmers” and asking who plants a crop for just 30 days.”

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JEFF THOMPSON: Well, now, per City Paper, “How's this for irony: the man at the center of the investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 campaign, which prosecutors say was tainted by "backroom deals" and unreported cash, is alleging there's corruption in District contracting. Jeff Thompson says the District government turned a blind eye to corrupt contracting practices that shut out his Medicaid managed care organization, Chartered Health Plan, from even being able to bid earlier this month on a contract it has held for years.”

NERVOUS NEIGHBORHOOD: Just the facts, per the Washington Examiner, “A week after a 28-year-old man was fatally shot on Capitol Hill, residents of the normally safe neighborhood remain troubled by the incident. Jason Anthony Emma was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside his car on Dec. 24 on the 1200 block of C Street NE. Police are continuing to investigate his slaying and have released a video of two persons of interest who were seen at a nearby school.”{ }{ }

MOVING FORWARD: However cautiously, per the Los Angeles Times, “Tribune Co. is expected to emerge from bankruptcy protection Monday with a new board of directors composed largely of entertainment-industry veterans. Exiting bankruptcy would mark a milestone for Tribune, the parent of the Los Angeles Times and other newspaper and television properties. Tribune sought Bankruptcy Court protection in December 2008 after a leveraged buyout by real estate magnate Sam Zell saddled the company with $12.9 billion in debt just as advertising revenue was collapsing. It is one of the longest bankruptcy cases in U.S. corporate history.”

--Skip Wood

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