Harper brothers in Nats camp together for first time

Bryce Harper hopes to play with his older brother Bryan with the Nationals in 2018 (ABC7)

For the first time in years, Bryce and Bryan Harper are on the same team.

“It’s been great,” Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper said. "I haven’t played with him since high school.”

While fans are familiar with the Nats All-Star outfielder, they may not be as familiar with his older brother. Bryan Harper is a left-handed reliever and is hoping to make a name for himself out of the Nationals bullpen.

“It’s pretty cool watching them interact. It’s cool, one is a pitcher, one is a hitter. It’s funny how they get after each other,” Nationals manager Dave Martinez said. “It is good times and it is good to see and I am happy for the both of them.”

This will be the first year Bryce Harper will be playing without his friend and mentor Jayson Werth, but for the time being at least, he has his brother, Bryan, to fill some of that void.

“When we are away from the baseball field it is not about baseball we do a lot of other stuff together,” Harper said. “We eat a lot. We have the same friends. We all hang out and quote movies a lot. It’s kind of a 'Harper' thing. Super excited to have him.”

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