Special group of kids skate with the Stanley Cup champion Capitals

Special group of kids hit the ice with the Stanley Cup Champions. (ABC7)

Seven-year-old Collin Walter loves hitting the ice.

“I’m going to score!” he said, just before gliding onto the ice.

On Friday, he laced up his skates to play with some of the best.

“Is that why you like Ovi?” His mom asked him as she secured his helmet. “Because he’s a single 8 and you’re a double 8?”

Number 88 skated alongside some of the Stanley Cup champions at MedStar Capitals Iceplex on Friday afternoon.

“You’re tough!” Capitals player Brett Connolly said as he signed Collin’s jersey.

Collin was just one of a group of children from Dreams for Kids DC. The non-profit helps to give opportunities to kids with physical and developmental disabilities.

“It’s just a great feeling for him to have that freedom to just kind of go on the ice,” said Christie Raupp, who said her son, Myles, has been involved now for years.

“Any time we can come out here and put a smile on people’s faces, it’s something that we enjoy doing and it’s something that we need to do,” Connolly said of the event.

For the group of kids, it was a rink filled with unforgettable memories.

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