Capitals watch party tickets sell out in minutes for Stanley Cup Final Game 5


Capitals fans tried to get free watch party tickets ahead of Game 5 where the Caps could bring the Stanley Cup home Thursday night in Las Vegas against the Golden Knights.

More than 70,000 people logged in at 1 p.m. to the ticket website when spots became available for the watch party. That’s almost four times the capacity of Capital One Arena. Only a relative few were lucky enough to snag a ticket or two.

If you weren’t ready, those free tickets flew off the online shelves faster than a John Carlson one-timer. Mere minutes and they were gone.

“Ten minutes? That’s like fast. That’s extremely fast,” Kalef Seymore said.

Seymore went to the first two watch parties at Capital One Arena as the Capitals took on the Golden Knights in Las Vegas. For the Game 5 watch party, he’s out of luck.

There is another free option for fans outside the arena. The Stanley Cup Final will be played on the big screen televisions for anyone to watch.

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“I guess I have to line up on the street with everybody else,” Seymore said.

Rob Esco said he didn’t even try to get a ticket inside. He prefers the large crowds near the Portrait Gallery.

“Great experience. I recommend anyone who hasn’t been, come out. It’s the best experience,” said Esco, a Caps fan and District resident.

Salem Tekeste says she’s a hockey mom to three kids and tried to get her seats inside the arena for the watch party and had the web page ready to go.

“I had it on since 11 p.m. and I was just waiting, doing the count, second by second,” she said.

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She didn’t get a seat inside. The message on her phone screen read: “Sorry! We could not find any tickets that meet your requirements. Please adjust your criteria and try again.”

The lucky few saw a screen that read: “You’re in!”

“I mean I was excited because I know the demand and the limited amount of tickets, I know you have to have a little bit of luck,” Jesse Jones said.

Jones said he saw his first Capitals game in the early ‘90s and plans on taking his younger brother to the watch party.

“Everyone’s claiming that bots were able to get through. I don’t have a bot, I don’t know how to use a bot. It was just old-fashioned luck, I guess,” he said.

Some people who did get a free ticket are now selling them online. One pair of tickets on Craigslist were posted for $2,002. Fans don’t have to spend any money for the free outdoor party in front of Capital One Arena Thursday night starting at 8 p.m.

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