Bloomingdale neighborhood preps for more storms

    A soggy cleanup continues for people who live in D.C.’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. This weekend’s storm was the fourth time this year that the area was flooded after quick and heavy rainfalls.

    “We have to replace all the hardwood floors, the carpeting and it just depends on if there’s mold or not,” said Benjamin Breaux.

    Breaux was out of town when his ground level, one bedroom home flooded Sunday night. He estimates the storm did more than $10,000 in damages.

    D.C.’s Water Department estimates the storm produced about three inches of rain in just 90 minutes. They say there is little the agency can do to prevent the flooding.

    “These storms have been unprecedented in their size,” explained George Hawkins, General Manager of DC Water. “Four of the five biggest storms in six years have been in the last six weeks.”

    With more storms in the forecast this week, Bloomingdale residents are preparing for more flooding.

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