Toyota Team Player: Stephen Bickel and Chase Noah

Two juniors lead the St. Andrews lacrosse team to their best season in 16 years.

After a first round bye, the St. Andrews boys lacrosse team will face St. James Thursday in the MAC conference playoffs.

The team finished 6-0 in conference play and is one of the most talented squads the school has ever had.

You are looking at the best lacrosse team St. Andrews has had in 16 years.

"We beat some good opponents," said Stephen Bickel, a junior lacrosse player at St. Andrews Episcopal School.

A big part of the team's success is because of Stephen Bickel and Chase Noah.

Stephen and Chase are also best friends.

"The chemistry is pretty good because I know where he is all the time and I know he is going to catch shoot and score," explained Chase Noah.

If the last name Bickel sounds familiar, that's because his father, Eric Bickel, better known as "EB" is a member of The Junkies on 106.7 The Fan.

Bickel says its good coaching and hard work that has helped him score more than 100 career goals so far for St. Andrews.

"I put in extra work outside of practice and my teammates, they all push me really hard," Bickel said. "We all push each other and we are all getting better each day".

Congratulations Stephen Bickel and Chase Noah you are both Toyota Team Players.

Watch the video above for the full story with ABC7 sports reporter Erin Hawksworth.

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