Toyota Team Player: Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz

After spending an afternoon with this year's No. 1 overall NBA pick, Markelle Fultz, it is clear the former DeMatha star is not afraid of hard work.

Fultz puts in hours of hard work with his trainer Keith Williams.

But, Williams is much more than a trainer.

"He has been like a father figure to me, a brother and a best friend," Markelle Fultz said.

"Like a son, we put so many hours in the gym together, it is difficult for a young man to listen to an old guy, but he listens to me very well," said Keith Williams.

That listening has paid off, in June, Fultz became the first player from Prince George’s county to be selected No. 1 overall in the NBA draft.

"It's been crazy," Fultz said. "It really hasn't hit me yet," he added.

"I have been really busy with my family spending time with them and doing what got me here," said Fultz.

Watch the video above as ABC7's Erin Hawksworth sits down with Markelle Fultz and his trainer Keith Williams.

Congratulations Markelle Fultz! You are this week's Toyota Team Player.

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