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Toyota Team Player: Ellie Mitchell

Georgetown Visitation junior Ellie Mitchell was the team's leading scorer this season. (ABC7)

Despite having a younger team this season, Georgetown Visitation still won the Independent School League AA title for the 12th straight year.

Junior forward Ellie Mitchell who led the team in scoring this season was surprised by her team's success.

"We lost a bunch of starters and we are very young, so it is great to see our hard work pay off and we have really come together as the year has gone by and really achieved our goals," Ellie Mitchell said.

Having won 12 straight titles, the Georgetown Visitation girls' basketball team embraces the challenge of getting every team's best shot.

"It's a great feeling we are at the top of our league and it is always a change we have to keep working and keep winning championships," Mitchell said.

While basketball is her favorite sport, Ellie also plays lacrosse and tennis.

"I play fall tennis and lacrosse this spring, so coming up I will go to lacrosse practice and get home at like 6 p.m. and go practice for AAU from 7-9," Mitchell said. "It's hard to balance, but I love basketball so much it is doable."

Congratulations Ellie Mitchell, you are this week's Toyota Team Player.

Watch the video above for the full story with ABC7 reporter Erin Hawksworth.

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