Redskins CB Greg Stroman mentors younger brother

Redskins CB Greg Stroman mentors younger brother

Redskins cornerback Greg Stroman, a Stonewall Jackson high school graduate, is grateful to be close to his family and play football in Washington.

"It's definitely a blessing to be this close," Greg Stroman said.

Greg's younger brother, Jalen is a freshman safety at Patriot high school and hopes to follow in his big brothers footsteps.

"Watching big brother do big things, it's an inspiration for me to go play football," said Jalen Stroman.

Jalen has already received an offer from the University of Virginia as a freshman, but that could make things a little awkward in the Stroman household considering Greg went to Virginia Tech.

"If Jalen goes to UVA, I would def go to every game that i could make it to," Greg Stroman said.

"Just against my Hokies, Idon't know what I would do".

The Stroman brothers are so close, Greg even tattooed a picture of them on his arm.

"I wanted some type of picture that we have on my body that was always an idea of mine," Greg explained.

Greg Stroman -- setting an example on the field and off it.

Watch the video above for the full story with ABC7's Erin Hawksworth.

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