Northwood High School boasts cross-country athlete of the year

Northwood high school senior Obsaa Feda puts cross-country program on the map.

It takes a unique athlete to truly embrace cross-country. not only do you have to fall in love with running, but also the early mornings and difficult terrains that come with it.

Northwood High School senior Obsaa Feda loves to run.

"It makes me happy. I don’t see how people could hate cross-country. Everything about it is beautiful, the weather everything," Northwood cross-country star Obsaa Feda said.

The steeper the hill the better for him.

"You are experiencing different things, not just the track," Feda explained.

They say when you love something you will be successful at it.

Obsaa's passion for cross-country earned him the All-Met Athlete of the Year for the fall of 2018.

"I thought I would just get honorable mention first team, so I was so excited when I won," Obsaa said.

At the top of his game, Obsaa won all of his races and is the Montgomery County, Maryland 4A North Region and 4A state champion.

He ended his senior season 112th at the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon.

"My goal was to not be selfish, to help my teammates get faster, going to practice, go hard push hard, so they cold see me and push hard too," Obsaa said.

Watch the full video above for this week's Toyota Team Player.

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