The 'twin' towers of Wilson High School making a big impact

The Mitchell twins ready to shine at Maryland next season. (Photo: ABC7)

Big men are a commodity in high school basketball. Try having two of them on the same team. And by the way, they're twin brothers.

Almost 14 feet and over 500 pounds combined, they are the Mitchell twins; the twin towers of the Wilson High Schools boys basketball team

"I don't really like telling people our secrets to knowing each other and the differences," said Makhi Mitchell.

"Try having two 6'9" guys on the floor; it's definitely a dream come true -- especially in the DCIAA," said Wilson High Boys Basketball Assistant Coach David Johnson.

They've put in the work to become dominant forces on the court. One overcame struggles in school, the other dealt with injuries.

"It's just been good, you know? He's had my back and I've had his back on and off the court," said Makhel Mitchell.

In most families, there is usually a thing called 'sibling rivalry' -- but not with these two. They genuinely like being around each other.

And that will continue next year in college, with both playing at the University of Maryland.

"We've been together all of our life playing on the court, all of our life together. We just wanted to keep that going," said Makhel.

They share a bond that will never be broken, hoping their basketball journey together ends in the NBA.

"I can't even explain it; that's my best friend. We are more than brothers. We just stay motivated, humble and hungry at the end of the day," said Makhi.

ABC7 sports reporter Scott Abraham shares their story in the video above.

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