"I may be strong but this is tough": Local student-athlete gets profound gift

Georgetown U. student Ty Williams gets gift to help with spinal cord rehab (ABC7)

Ty Williams vows to walk again.

"This is not what I'm meant to do. I'm not meant to sit in this chair."

And now, he has even more much-needed help.

"To see the will, the determination, and the attitude that he has about what he has to do, to be able to get rid of that wheelchair and walk, it kind of gives you hope," said Redskins legend Doug Williams.

Ty is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He played football at Georgetown University.

"He was just like a natural. I mean he was amazing," said Ty's mother Melissa.

Last season, Ty suffered a spinal cord injury leaving him unable to walk. Months of intense surgery and rehab have followed.

Said Williams: "MVP, Super Bowls, playoffs... all that has nothing on what this young man has been through and what he has to go through."

Tuesday, the Washington Football Legends, a charitable group including Williams and other philanthropists, announced they have purchased $24,000 of rehab equipment to help get Ty back on his feet.

"It feels amazing," said Ty.

His mother added: "He's going to be able to work out everyday instead of just twice a week. And he's determined and he's going to get there. And we know he's going to walk again."

Ty is re-enrolled in classes at Georgetown. His mother says Ty would like to coach football someday - anything to stay close to the game he loves. Ty credits his family, friends and teammates with helping him get this far.

"I may be strong but this is tough. It's tough for anybody and honestly, I don't think anyone is strong enough to do it by themselves. And I've been lucky enough to have a lot of of people in my corner backing me up."

Watch the video above to see our story on Ty and the profound gift he has received.

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