Fairfax High's Earl Brewer overcomes hardships on path to win Va. state wrestling title


There are moments when life doesn’t go exactly how one envisions.

It’s called having grit. And that’s the makeup of Fairfax High School senior wrestler Earl Brewer.

“Sometimes you just got to suck it up, get out of bed, put on a smile, go throughout the rest of your day and work hard,” Brewer said.

Before moving to Virginia, Brewer lived in a rough area of Prince George’s County for most of his life.

Wrestling became his vehicle to escape the darkness.

“He has refused to allow anything to be a reason or an excuse why he can’t be his best self,” Fairfax wrestling coach Tanner Sewell said.

It’s really been a remarkable transformation. During his freshman year, Earl had only one win on the wrestling mat. Now in his senior year, he’s one of the best 195 pounders in the state of Virginia and a serious contender to win an individual state championship.

“I just like zone off on that wall and just imagine myself being up there and getting my hand raised in front of all my teammates and being able to run to my coach after,” Brewer said.

His time on the mat and life experiences proving to be beneficial.

“I’ve learned that one thing is I’m really relentless and I never give up,” Brewer said.

And that’s a mindset that should only lead to more success.

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