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Voice of the Pride

Voice of the Pride
Voice of the Pride
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The surprise factor.

Good or bad, for some reason, it's in a teenager's DNA.

Heritage high school freshman Brendan Friedrich is catching the eye of sports fans for all the right reasons.

"Everybody who doesn't know who I am, is about to," Brendan explained.

The 14-year old was born blind.

"I just realized I had to change the way I was thinking I was going to be a mom," Kristen Friedrich said.

Blind, but certainly not silent. Since the age of ten, Brendan has been honing his craft. Countless hours inside his home on the microphone has really paid off.

He has developed into quite the announcer. This season Brendan started announcing the starting lineups at the Heritage basketball games.

"You know eventually I want to do the football games here," Brendan said. "I want to do more basketball and all of that kind of stuff."

With the help of braille, a good memory and a lot of practice, Brendan has morphed into the Voice of the Pride.

"Everybody cherishes who I am in this school," he said.

Brendan is quickly becoming an inspiration to his peers and school.

"I am living a full life and I'm doing the same things that regular people do."

A voice, you'll soon be hearing again.

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Watch the video to see and hear Brendan in action!

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