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Dominion High School wrestler dominating the mat despite hearing-loss syndrome

Dominion wrestler Shane Maguire overcoming odds on the mat (7News)
Dominion wrestler Shane Maguire overcoming odds on the mat (7News)
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Shane Maguire is a champion wrestler in Virginia. He's 17-5 this season for the Dominion High School wrestling team in Sterling, Va.

Maguire is a success on the mat despite suffering from a generic hearing-loss syndrome.

“I was born with it. Day zero, it's genetic," Maguire told 7News' Olivia Garvey.

His condition is called sensorineural bilateral hearing loss.

"It just means the way that I pick up sound isn't right," Maguire explained.

Maguire cannot hear loud noises, alarms, birds, cats, and referee whistles. Which is an adjustment for his coach Billy Young.

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"I just got to make sure we're looking at each other, and I got to remember when the whistle blows, he can't hear it," Young said.

The condition also makes match day a little different.

"I have a pretty unique pre-match routine," Maguire explained. "I walk onto the mat and say, 'Hey ref I can't hear whistles, you'll have to tap me.'"

Maguire's routine has been the same since he started wrestling in his freshman year and was a fast learner to the sport.

As a sophomore, Maguire won the Virginia 4C State Championship. Now, he's moved up to the 113-pound weight class and is looking for the same success.

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Through it all, Maguire doesn't allow his hearing loss to affect him on the mat nor in the classroom, " I just describe myself as Shane. Like I have to be this way, I just try to be Shane."

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