Nationals playoff game to cost D.C. at least $65,000 in security

    Nationals Park. Photo: Wikimedia

    The District of Columbia will spend at least $65,000 and as much as $76,000 per Nationals playoff game to provide extra security and traffic control around the stadium.

    The city said Wednesday that it will pay for more than 130 employees to provide security and other services during the playoff games. That includes as many as 75 police officers and about 60 traffic-control officers.

    Chief Cathy Lanier says there will be triple the number of police officers in the immediate area of the ballpark. But it’s not just the area around the ballpark that will need increased security, she says. Additional officers will be on duty in neighborhoods across the city.

    "A lot of sports pubs and bars, so you're going to see a lot of people who are not coming to the stadium but are celebrating in other areas," Lanier says.{}

    A spokesman for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray says the city will easily recoup what it spends to host the playoff games. Councilman Jack Evans has estimated the city could make $500,000 in revenue per game from hotel and restaurant taxes.

    To encourage extra cabbies to service the ballpark crowds, the taxi cab commission yesterday said on playoff days, citywide, cabs could charge an dollar extra for each passenger. Until the mayor found out and nixed the idea.

    "We want everybody to be in a great mood and have a good spirit so we're going to do everything we can to make this city as accommodating as it can be," Gray says.

    At Nats Park today, fans trooped to the team’s store to pick up playoff shirts and caps.

    Washington will host its first playoff game on Oct. 10.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.


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