Mets player Daniel Murphy's paternity leave causes controversy

(WJLA) - Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy put fatherhood ahead of baseball:

"We felt the best thing for our family was for me to try to stay an extra day."

Murphy took three days off for the birth of his first child, missing both Monday’s season opener and Wednesday night’s loss against Washington.

Since 2011, Major League Baseball has allowed players up to three days paternity leave, but some outraged New York Sports radio hosts say that when you’re making millions, “one day off is plenty.”

"All right, one day, I understand," said WFAN morning host Mike Francesa. "In the old days they didn't do that. One day, go see the baby be born, and then come back. You're a Major League Baseball player -- you can hire a nurse!"

"You get your a** back to your team and you play baseball," added WFAN's Craig Carton. "That's my take on it. There's nothing you can do anyway. You're not breastfeeding the kid."

Murphy flew to Florida on Sunday when his wife’s water broke, and his son Noah was born by C-section on Monday at noon. Murphy has since defended his decision to stay with his wife:

"She was done. She'd had surgery and she was wiped. So having me there I think helped a lot -- and vice versa."

The Mets’ General Manager agreed.

"I've got absolutely no problem whatsoever with Murph being away," said Sandy Alderson.

And neither did those we spoke with at Nationals Park:

"I think he should enjoy his family. The fans should understand," said one baseball fan.

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