D.C.'s Lamont Peterson gets another title shot this weekend

Lamont Peterson will fight Errol Spence Jr. Saturday, January 20 for the IBF Welterweight Championship (ABC7)

LaMont Peterson has had title bouts before, but this time it feels different.

"At this point, I'm able to enjoy it much more," Peterson said last week during his media workout.

Long gone is the hungry kid, born and raised in D.C., itching to make his mark on the sport. In his place, a 33-year-old boxing veteran.

"I feel like I could fight forever," Peterson said. "I don't feel like I took any back steps whatsoever, I'm learning to prepare for a fight much better."

Opportunity knocks again Saturday night when Peterson takes his shot at IBF Welterweight World Champion Errol Spence Jr.

"I'm sure he wants to hold on to that championship, because when you become champion you get treated a whole different way and I'm sure he's not ready to let that go yet. Gonna be rough taking it from him."

"I think it may even start out tactical and end up being a war," Peterson's trainer Barry Hunter said, "or when that bell rings it could be a war from start to finish."

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