Ex-Redskins Super Bowl kicker Mark Moseley: Never, ever heard any of 'these Indians' complain about team name

Field goal kicker Mark Moseley kicks a field goal against the Miami Dolphins in in Super Bowl XVII, Jan. 30, 1983 in Pasadena.

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - Having spent most of his appearance Sunday night on NewsChannel 8’s “SportsTalk After the Game” defiantly defending the name of a certain team and declaring that he never, ever, ever, ever had heard a complaint about it from a Native American, former Washington Redskins kicker Mark Moseley finally got a bit of pushback from a viewer.

Her name was Renee, and she wrote: “I’m full-blooded and offended. Don’t discount those of us who have spoken against this and say we don’t exist.”

Asked for his response by host Alex Parker, Moseley didn’t hesitate:

“She needs to prove to me that she’s Indian, first of all.

“I mean, anybody can say whatever they want to.

“But it’s funny that I’ve met with over a thousand of these, the Indians, and no one’s said anything to me about them being offended by it.

“So, and I’m not discounting what she said.

“If she is (offended), she needs to come see me and talk to me, personally.”

So there you have it. Just go talk to Mr. Moseley, Renee. He will enlighten you, just as he enlightened the SportsTalk viewers with such wisdom as:

“There’s no truth to what’s being said out there. It’s absolutely a false.”

“You can get offended by anything. I can get offended by what somebody’s saying to me. But the Redskins, if we start changing, to me they’re attacking my amendment rights that I have.”

“I went up to an Indian and asked him to his face, someone I didn’t even know, and asked him if I called him a redskin, would he be offended, and he said ‘Absolutely not. I take great pride in that.’ ’’

“The word redskins was a solidarity name that the Indians gave themselves back when they were negotiating with the white man.”

“We’ve interviewed over a thousand people. We’ve talked to over a thousand Indians, and not one – not even one – has said anything about it being derogatory to them.”

“If it was Indians, then I would be concerned. But everyone that’s said anything to me has been a white man or a black man. No red men have said anything derogatory to me about it.”

Mosely is part of a small group of former players, including Gary Clark and Chris Cooley, who recently visited a reservation in Montana as part of owner Dan Snyder’soutreach efforts.

Asked who footed the bill for the trip, Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie replied via email: “The alumni and the Redskins have a long history of supporting each other and this education effort is no different. So where it is appropriate for the alumni to pay for expenses then they will and when it is appropriate for the Redskins then the organization will.”

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