eSports: The biggest thing most people have never heard of

eSports is the biggest thing most people have never heard of, according to Monumental Sports Network SVP Zach Leonsis. (ABC7)

It's a business estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars by next year, but what exactly is eSports?

"eSports is the biggest thing that most people have never heard of," Monumental Sports Network general manager Zach Leonsis said.

It's a business the Leonsis family, who already own the Wizards and Capitals, are betting big on.

"eSports has really grown from a smaller underground counter culture experience to a mainstream phenomenon that really is approaching a super bowl-like status," Leonsis said.

The Wizards will launch a brand new 2K League team called Wizards District Gaming. They are one of 17 teams in the NBA to own an eSports team.

"I think what a lot of people don't realize is that eSports have become very serious," Leonsis said. "People are practicing 10-12 hours per day and now there are real life and huge cash prizes."

Some players already compete for prize pools worth up to $24 million and they train like professional athletes too.

"They will wake up at 9 a.m. hit the gym for an hour and head over to brand new practice facility next to Capital One Arena," said Grant Paranjape, Monumental Sports Network's director of eSports. "The 1,300 square-foot space will be tricked out to feel like a locker room and a nice space for them to practice."

"Teams are hiring sports psychologists and nutritionists to not only have the mental, but the physical aspect of the guys really taken care of when they are practicing 10-12 hours per day," said Paranjape.

"What are the misconceptions you would like to quash?" asked ABC7 sports reporter Erin Hawksworth.

"We are a little bit past the days of people sitting alone in their basement drinking Mountain Dew and Cheetos and not having any friends a lot of it now is it is a really social sport," said Paranjape.

Watch the video above for the full story with ABC7 reporter Erin Hawksworth.

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