Coach of the week: Nats pitching coach Mike Maddux

Mike Maddux

Mike Maddux can't really complain. He told ABC-7 Sports everyday is Christmas. He gets to coach some of the best arms in baseball, Gio Gonzales, Stephen Strasburg and Cy Young winner Max Scherzer.

"It's fun when you show up to work expecting to win and that's what separates them from a lot of players," says Maddux.

Maddux didn't just fall into this coaching gig, he's got the credentials. He pitched in the major leagues for 14 years and still believes it's he best part of the game.

"The great thing about pitching is that your a man on an island but when you look at the box score the next day that win or loss is next to a pitchers name."

That's why Mike Maddux is our coach of the week. Please see his story above.

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