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Money Matters: How is banking with a credit union different?

Since 1947, Northwest Federal Credit Union’s goal has been to make a positive difference in the lives of our members and the community. Our success can be attributed to the credit union philosophy of "people helping people," as well as our steadfast mission to be your lifetime financial partner.

Money Matters: How is banking with a credit union different?

You work hard for your money and want to find a place to bank that offers fewer fees, and keeps more money in your pocket. For saving and borrowing needs, credit unions are often the best resource. As a not-for-profit, credit unions' surplus funds are passed back to their members through lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits and other benefits. A credit union exists in principle to serve a community of people tied by a "bond of association". This could be a geographical region, employer, membership with another association, faith or a combination of these factors. Credit union members are considered owners. The result is a financial institution that, instead of feeling cold and daunting, delivers warm, personalized service with a family-like feel. We've looked at the top areas where credit unions rank as best meeting the needs of its members.

Service - The cooperative nature of credit unions lends itself to a superior service model. In addition to offering the products and services tailored to the specific needs of their membership, credit unions' member service ratings have consistently beaten out banks in measurements by the American Customer Service Index*. You'll receive specialized, caring attention, service and support not only for your finances, but in other ways that money can't buy, like loyalty.

Value- Loyalty runs deep both waysfrom credit unions to their members and back again. Find a credit union that offers free checking accounts, mortgages, college savings, car loans, and peace of mind through each phase of a member's life. Valuable financial tools and an invaluable relationshipthat's what membership is.

Accessibility- Once upon a time, credit unions were viewed as inconvenient unless you lived near a branchno longer the case! For example, Northwest Federal Credit Union members have access to over 33,000 surcharge-free ATMs; 5,000 Shared Branch Service Centers nationwide, in addition to branches. By particpating in Shared Branching, a network of credit unions allowing members to make deposits, withdrawals and loan payments at convenient locations near their homes or offices.

Technology- Tools such as online banking, mobile banking apps, Apple Pay and remote check deposit provide credit union members with ready access to all banking services.

Spirit of Community- Credit unions' philosophy of people helping people is brought to life by the works that they carry out in the communities they serve. Many credit unions have Foundations dedicated to community outreach.

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*American Customer Service Index (ACSI)