How SonoSpine surgery differs from traditional spinal fusion

Learn the differences between SonoSpine and their competitors.

Get ready to reconsider everything you thought you knew about back surgery.

New advances in ultrasonic surgical tools by pioneer Dr. Dilan Ellegala have opened up new possibilities for those with back pain. Here’s an overview of how ultrasonic SonoSpine surgery is different than traditional spinal fusion.

Minimally disruptive

Because surgeons can perform complex procedures through small incisions, even operations that involve bone cutters can be dubbed “minimally invasive.” Indeed, spinal fusion can be performed in a “minimally invasive” way even though the operation requires the surgeon to cut away large amounts of anatomy including bone to access the patient’s spinal column.

SonoSpine ultrasonic surgery has the distinction of being minimally disruptive. The exactness of the surgical tools allows the surgeon access to problem areas without destablizing the back and surrounding tissue any more than necessary to decompress the nerve. This means spinal fusion avoidance

No compromised stability

Most traditional back surgery procedures destabilize the spine and require the addition of rods, plates, screws or spinal fusion to reinstate structural stability. The resultant decrease in mobility can put pressure on adjoining vertebrae, causing pain and, in the many cases, necessitating an additional operation.

Ultrasonic surgery never compromises the spine’s stability by destablizing the spine, so it eliminates the chance of these related complications.

Easier surgery and recovery

Because ultrasonic tools can sculpt away material pinching nerves with the exactness of a millimeter, surrounding areas are spared the trauma associated with more disruptive techniques. The ultrasonic approach affords the patient:

  • No Spinal Fusion
  • Quicker recovery – think six weeks instead of six months
  • No overnight stay in the hospital
  • A return to full mobility
  • A lower rate of complications

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