Hosting a party? Still need a gift? Here are a few hot market items.

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Lifestyle expert Josh McBride shares a few of his favorite items on the market right now.

Chances are, you might be hosting a holiday party in the next few weeks. Or maybe you still need to buy a few gifts for under the tree. Fear not: lifestyle expert Josh McBride shares a few of his favorite items on the market right now.

Halo Top Gingerbread House ice cream. Halo Top, the delicious, protein-packed ice cream everybody loves, has a new winter flavor you’re sure to crazy for. Gingerbread House is available for a limited time for just $5.99 through December at select retailers nationwide.

NutraMilk. The NutraMilk's patented process makes it easy to make non-dairy milk and butter in minutes using any nut or seed. There’s no need to soak, blend, strain, or use a messy cheesecloth and the milk has a shelf life of at least seven days. It even comes with a book of recipes! The NutraMilk is around $450. Learn more at

Clothes and accessories from JCPenney. Looking for one place filled with great gift ideas for everyone on your list? JCPenney offers great styles at great values, making it easy for families to discover items to love for less time, money, and effort. Find stylish clothing and home décor both in stores and online. Mix and match Peyton & Parker’s classic looks for a stylish party outfit or buy a new set of decorative plates and entertainment sets for your holiday feast. All are available at JCPenney stores or online at

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service. This is the first and only at-home genetic testing kit that includes FDA authorized reports. Friends and family can discover how their ancestry breaks down over 150 regions worldwide and how their genes may influence their health, traits, and more with more than 90 personalized genetic reports. It costs $199 and is available on See the site for current promotions.

CÎROC Black Raspberry. Celebrate the holidays with a specialty cocktail. The bramble, made with CÎROC Black Raspberry is the perfect, go-to drink to recreate at home for your holiday festivities. It is made from vodka five times distilled from fine French grapes and infused with a distinctive blend of black raspberry and other natural flavors. Available for a limited time only at select retailers nationwide and at As always, drink responsibly.