Get your kid's eyes ready for the academic year

Get your kid's eyes ready for the academic year

Excellence in school begins with excellent vision! Preparing your child for back-to-school is always a big transition, not only for children but also for parents. The process of getting your child ready for a successful academic year always involves a rather large checklist, and an annual eye health exam should be at the top of that list.

Studies show that up to 80% of learning is visual. And did you know that vision changes can occur without your child even noticing? In fact, children don't necessarily understand what "normal" vision is, and a comprehensive eye health exam can catch vision issues that might interfere with learning. Clear, comfortable vision doesn't just make it easier to read what the teacher writes on the blackboard, it also helps them process and remember what's being taught.

Did you know, 42 percent of the population has myopia and its prevalence is growing fast? Myopia is a vision impairment that makes focusing difficult. It causes blurry vision when looking in the distance, but near objects appear clear. The diagnosis of myopia in children has doubled in just one generation. Researchers predict that by 2050, 50 percent of the population will be myopic, making it almost 60 million kids under age 17. Generally, myopia is first noticed (or diagnosed) in school-age children. Reading and using hand-held electronic devices, non-stop for hours may contribute to developing this disorder.

Children's eyes continue to grow until early adulthood, and onset myopia can happen at any time during this period, so it's especially crucial for kids to be tested regularly throughout childhood. According to the American Optometric Association, a variety of procedures are used to test for myopia, like reading letters on a distant chart or using a phoropter to examine how the light hits the eyes to determine what lens is needed to correct them.

Don't cut corners when it comes to eye health this year, schedule an annual eye health exam today and we'll take care of providing your child with the prescription they need. MyEyeDr. is proud to accept all insurances as well as to provide stylish frames your child will love showing off on their first day of school!