Cut costs and get the best service for clogged drains

The average cost to unclog a drain is currently over $200.

Clogged drains make daily trips to the bathroom complicated and can be tough to deal with. Blocked sewers are even worse, affecting all the pipes in your home at one time. The first thing you're probably thinking about is the mess you're seeing, but then you start worrying about what you need to buy to solve the problem.

The money could come pouring out of your pocket much faster than you would like. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to unclog a drain is currently over $200, and that's not counting any additional labor for multiple drains or repairs.

This is where F.H. Furr can help tremendously. As Washington, D.C.'s local leader in-home services, F.H. Furr will slice the average cost in half by charging you only $83 to clear or unclog a drain.

The employees at F.H. Furr undergo continuous training and thorough background checks so you can trust the person coming to fix the problem in your home. They dispatch to your location at no extra charge, and with a specific division dedicated to water and sewer line issues, you can count on receiving "absolutely the best."

The experts at F.H. Furr handle a wide variety of services, including clogged toilets and drains, sewer hydro jetting, sewer video inspection, sewer gas testing, pipe repairs, and more. F.H. Furr's electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians are ready to help.

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