Can Dr. Ellegala help you avoid spinal fusion surgery?

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What can Dr.{ }Ellegala do for you?

Dr. Dilan Ellegala founded Sonospine on the belief that spine surgery can, should, and needs to be better. Today's traditional methods simply aren't enough and patients deserve to avoid spinal fusion if possible. Desiring to offer a better, safer, and more effective alternative, Dr. Ellegala brings his academic neurosurgery background with years of research, development, and experience to patients with the revolutionary Sonospine Sonosculpt Technique. Educated at Harvard, the University of Virginia, and the University of Washington, Dr. Ellegala spent much of his career training neurosurgeons in the US and abroad to be the best. He now brings his expertise to advancing spinal care.

Dr. Ellegala and the Sonospine Team believe in trying to avoid surgery if possible and 85 percent of the time surgery is not necessary for spine problems. However, when conservative methods such as physical therapy and pain management are not enough then surgery may be the best option. Sonospine's Clinicians will go over all surgical options from traditional surgery to the Sonospine techniques. Sonospine's procedures are outpatient, same day surgeries and 88% of our patients in our initial series perceive their post-surgery results as excellent 4 weeks after surgery. If you have exhausted non-surgical options and are still hurting, Sonospine Ultrasonic Surgery can return you to the pain-free mobility you once enjoyed.

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