Working Women: Pie Sisters

Right at the end of the Key Bridge in Georgetown is a new pie shop run by three sisters who are hoping to build a strong family business, one slice at a time.

The Blakeley sisters--Erin, Allie and Cat--are the "Pie Sisters," Georgetown's newest boutique sweet shop. The sisters come from a long line of entrepreneurs in their family including their family an grandfather.

"We see all the pies we've just spent hours baking and we're about to open our doors," said Allie. "People are coming in about to buy them and we're like, 'oh my gosh, our little team made all these pies' and actually our dream has come true!"

A dream the women have had since childhood, growing up in Great Falls, Va. They were always in the kitchen with their mother.

"Everyone has memories of just a really warm house, and warm kitchen and always food on the table, a pie or cake," said Cat.

The sisters were inspired by the success of the sisters from Georgetown Cupcakes.

"They took the plunge and they came out on top," Cat said. "That's what I've got to keep telling the girls, they have to keep swimming!"

Before the bakery, Allie worked in finance, Erin was a buyer for a fashion company in New York and Cat still has her day job with the State Department in-between her shifts at the shop. She's been working in Iraq and is going back again in March.

"It's a super stressful environment where it's not incoming mortars but it's incoming customers and we have to figure out how to handle it," Cat said.

Their day begins at 4 a.m. rolling out the dough and they are often at the shop well into the evening. The Pie Sisters signature "cuppies" are a hit and the top sellers range from Classic Apple to Chocolate Bourbon Pecan and Coconut Cream.

It's their family goal to make customers' day just a little bit sweeter.

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