Showing off some inked skin for D.C.


    To protest the lack of voting rights for the District, dozens demonstrated with newly painted -- or inked -- tattoos in the shape of the D.C. flag in Dupont Circle Tuesday evening.

    Chanting “Free D.C., Free D.C.,” people gathered to show off their support for the District.

    “I couldn't take it any more and stand up for what I believe in," one demonstrator said.

    "We all know that this is the only capital city that doesn't have any representation on Capitol Hill," said another.

    Protestors hope by showing off permanent reminders of their pride, Congress will consider giving the District of Columiba voting rights and statehood.

    At least one man took the motto of D.C. flag tattoo day seriously, getting the slogan “Free D.C.” etched into his skin Tuesday. At age 43, it was David Barrows first tattoo.

    He’s hoping to send a message, and he’s not alone. The double bars and triple stars are becoming somewhat of a trend.

    Allyson Behnke is also one of those sporting the District design. And she’s hoping to use the ink to make a mark by orchestrating “Flag Day in the Flesh” in Dupont, a celebration of skin and to highlight the battle over D.C. statehood.

    "I'm trying to bring positive national and international attention to D.C. and the fact that we don't have full voting rights in congress,” she said.

    Even Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.'s delegate to Congress who is only permitted to vote on committee level, made her plea.

    “Keep the tattoos coming. Keep coming to Congress. We gotta give 'em hell, folks,” she said.


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